A place where lives are changed One80...

In our One80 concerts and movie nights it’s all about the life changing gospel of Jesus Christ. Who knows you walk around with questions like: What is the meaning of life? Is God real? Is there life after death? During the concerts and movie nights you can get to know God personally. When you meet God He will answer your questions and show himself to you. If you decide to let God come into your heart He will give you a purpose and change your life One80!


Do you like music? So do we! We organize live concerts on a regular basis with all kinds of live bands and rap groups. The music styles will vary with each concert, but the gospel of Jesus Christ is always in the center. Our One80 concerts give you the opportunity to get to know God Himself. Curious how your life can be changed One80? Stop by!

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Besides concerts we also organize movie nights. The movies are always different, but with good messages of hope for our daily lives. The movie nights are fun activities and an easy way to meet the church and God. Curious how your life can be changed One80? Stop by!

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